Know more about how templates work in the platform.

Templates are a great way to optimize repeatable workflows. Building a landing page? A blog? A documentation site? Use one of our official templates, or just create one for you and the community to enjoy. They’ll surely give you a head start in your next project.

How they work

For a template to work, it needs a GitHub Repo and a BaseHub Repo that are connected and understand each other. Users of the template will:

  1. Fork the GitHub Repo, so they’ll own the code.

  2. Fork the BaseHub Repo, so they’ll own the content.

  3. Deploy the code to Vercel.

Once deployed, the user should be able to start modifying stuff (content and/or code) as they please.

Example deploying the basehub/marketing-website template.

Deploy with Vercel flow

As seen in the video above, once you click the Vercel Deploy Button, you’ll be redirected to Vercel. There, you’ll create a GitHub Repository based on the template’s GitHub Repository. Then, you’ll add the BaseHub Integration. In the BaseHub Integration, you’ll create a new BaseHub Repository based on the template’s BaseHub Repository. After doing so, you’ll go back to Vercel to finish up the deploy flow.

At the end of it, you’ll have the code, the content, and the Vercel Project.