Learn how to use Webhooks to subscribe to changes that happen within BaseHub.

Webhooks allow you to receive event notifications from BaseHub. BaseHub will send a POST request to a URL you specify when certain events happen in a BaseHub Repository.

BaseHub processes webhooks with Svix.

The only supported webhook right now is repo.commit. This is a useful notification that can help you set up on-demand revalidation for your Next.js Apps, amongst other things.

Webhook Portal

To configure webhooks, navigate to a Repo, then to Connect, and then to Webhooks. You’ll see a dialog with a UI hosted by Svix that will let you manage webhooks for your Repository. This is the Webhook Portal.

Basic Auth

For extra security, it is recommended to pass in an Authorization header to the webhook endpoint. In the endpoint, you’d receive that header and validate it matches the password you’ve set up.

Svix Auth

Basic authentication (via Authorization header) is super simple and should work well for non-sensitive actions. If you want better security for your webhooks, you can follow Svix’s Guide on how to verify webhook requests, and leverage the Signing Secret.